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Amsterdam-based, a cloud solution provider that transforms WordPress into a scalable Website-as-a-Service and SaaS platform by using multitenancy and Kubernetes, announced on Thursday, May 11, that it has raised fresh funding.
The funding amount, however, remains undisclosed. This investment came from Emilia Capital, the holding company of Joost de Valk and Marieke van de Rakt, founders of Yoast.
WPCS claims it will use the funds to accelerate its growth and development, allowing the company to extend its offerings and improve its services for customers worldwide.
This financing comes after WPCS raised a sizeable seed round with Arches Capital in December 2021, and the early-stage VC APX, backed by Axel Springer and Porsche, also joined the seed round.
Founded in 2020 by Roger Rosweide, Sybren van Kesteren, Wijnand van Leeuwen and Dexter Drupsteen, WPCS claims to be the world’s first WordPress multi-tenant cloud platform enabling anyone to build, manage, and scale websites or web products by using multitenancy and Kubernetes.
The platform helps users to build and manage thousands of distinct WordPress installations in an isolated yet centralised manner. It offers adaptable solutions for hosting companies, service providers, and product companies seeking to leverage the cloud architecture of SaaS for their WordPress applications.

By adding multitenancy, WPCS claims to transform the WordPress ecosystem by enabling users to create and sell turnkey WordPress solutions (WaaS or SaaS) with centralised development and serverless, scalable infrastructure. 
And with the help of Kubernetes, a leading cloud infrastructure orchestration solution, WPCS gives users the ability to remotely yet centrally manage thousands of different WordPress installations.
This approach solves three key scaling challenges of WordPress:
The three primary markets that WPCS serves are hosting companies, service providers like agencies and freelancers, and product firms like plugin and theme manufacturers.
By providing a complete cloud solution for WordPress, WPCS gives these companies the ability to easily design, launch, and manage apps, maximising their efficiency and productivity.
Emilia Capital claims it is recognised for investing in startups that make the web a better place, with many of its investments linked to the WordPress ecosystem. 
The firm believes it is an ideal partner to assist in WPCS’s success because of its experience in running a successful scale-up and skills in development and marketing.
Joost de Valk says, “We see a great opportunity with WPCS. It allows hosting companies to modernise their setup, but even more importantly it gives plugin vendors and agencies the ability to create their own hosting solutions without much hassle or overhead.”
“The amazing team at WPCS is super energetic and we’re deeply confident in their ability to execute on this mission.”
WPCS has now joined the portfolio firms of Emilia Capital, which includes Atarim, Extendify, and Equalise Digital.
november, 2023
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