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WordPress is one of the world’s most popular content management systems (CMS). By learning WordPress, you can build your website, customize it to your liking, and completely control its content and functionality.
WordPress skills can be a valuable addition to your resume if you’re interested in web development. Many companies use WordPress for their websites, and having this skill can make you a more attractive candidate for web development jobs. You can earn your free WordPress certification without any prior background in HTML, JavaScript, or CSS.
However, WordPress is a constantly evolving platform, and there’s always something new to learn. You can stay up-to-date with the latest WordPress features and best practices by taking a course.
The platform may appear complicated, especially if you’re new to it. A course can help you avoid common pitfalls and save time by teaching you the most efficient ways to use WordPress.
Here are the top 10 picks of the 15 best free WordPress courses that you can consider enrolling in.
Here is a list of the 15 best free online WordPress courses that will help you earn free WordPress certification and enhance your skill set:
How to Make a Website with WordPress
This beginner’s course teaches you how to create a WordPress website step-by-step. No prior knowledge of coding is required!
You will discover how to acquire a domain name and hosting, set up WordPress, utilize a theme, create the precise website you desire, and more.
The syllabus of the course includes the basics of WordPress, using the Hostinger software to purchase a domain and hosting, utilizing Hostinger and a domain from a different provider, recognizing the hosting dashboard, setting up WordPress, entering the WordPress administrative dashboard, and placing a WordPress theme in place (OceanWP).
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection
Duration: 1-2 hours maximum
Certificate: No
Pros: The course is comprehensively designed for beginners.
Cons: Content can be too basic
WordPress Custom Post Types and Taxonomies
This free online course is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level learners. It is divided into six segments and allows students to learn in their own time.
The course is designed to help you grow your company by utilizing the vast expertise and experience provided by the tutorials in areas such as WordPress website building, WordPress training, SEO training, business consulting, and social media management and training.
The course can successfully empower you to manage the online presence of your business.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection
Duration: 35 minutes approximately
Certificate: No
Pros: The course is free.
Cons: Content is less detailed
Create a WordPress Website for Your Web Design Business
Without prior coding or website setup knowledge, this course will guide you through the web design process step-by-step.
By the end of this course, you are expected to have all the knowledge and skills required to build a high-functioning WordPress website on your own. The detailed action steps included in the course will guide you through setting up your website.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, pen, and paper
Duration: 56 minutes
Certificate: No
Pros: The course is free.
Cons: No certification available
WordPress Staging a Site
For more experienced WordPress users, using a staging site is standard practice; it’s less common for newcomers. Mastering your WordPress adventure, on the other hand, may result in a more seamless process and is a significant step for a beginner to become an advanced WordPress user.
Allie Nimmons explores the why, how, and when to use a staging site in this course. Allie concentrates on two key subjects: the use of staging sites during the development of or preparation for the launch of a site and the usage of stage sites after the site has been launched.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, pen, and paper
Duration: 48 minutes 5 seconds
Certificate: Yes
Pros: The course covers vast details.
Cons: Beginners may find it hard to understand
PHP for WordPress Development
You will learn how to utilize PHP for WordPress in this step-by-step tutorial. Once you have completed the course, you can begin learning how to work with plugins and themes in this WordPress course.
You can learn all you need to get started with PHP in less than an hour of video. This course will walk you through the fundamental PHP building blocks frequently used in WordPress. as well as other fundamental PHP syntaxes, such as conditional statements, loops, and functions.
Content Covered:
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, Prior knowledge of HTML and basics of WordPress
Duration: 54 minutes
Certificate: No
Pros: You get a full refund if you are dissatisfied with the course.
Cons: No free WordPress certification is granted. Does not cover everything that comes under PHP.
WordPress Advanced Custom Fields
The course teaches you the methods through which you can simultaneously optimize (and learn how to optimize) your mobile website while working on your traditional website.
The course includes techniques for designing responsive and well-designed mobile websites and other useful tools to add to your overall digital strategy. The course is ideal for intermediate and advanced learners.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection
Duration: 40 minutes approximately
Certificate: No
Pros: Covers unique content
Cons: It may not be useful for everybody
Learn Complete WordPress Security
All the necessary components are included in this course to develop a safe WordPress website. In addition, this course teaches you a number of techniques and tricks that will guarantee your website and company are safe from harmful hackers. The course assumes no prior technical expertise and provides the material in an understandable manner.
This brief course will assist you in protecting the resources on your website and update you on the most recent WordPress security techniques.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, pen, and paper
Duration: 2 hours 31 minutes
Certificate: No
Pros: The course is meant for any WordPress user.
Cons: No face-to-face interaction with the instructor
WordPress Accessibility
Everyone can be benefited from this course as it allows accessible content, themes, and navigation.
This training assists you in ensuring that your website complies with current accessibility guidelines. In addition, you may learn how to harness the power of WordPress to swiftly create a stunning website that is accessible to users of various abilities.
The course begins with a general overview of accessibility before concentrating on doable actions to make sure your WordPress themes, plugins, and content are accessible and usable to everyone.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection
Duration: 1 hour 47 minutes
Certificate: Yes
Pros: You can easily earn your free WordPress certification
Cons: The course is neither for beginners nor advanced learners.
Build a Full Website Using WordPress
The course aims to help you in creating a comprehensive, attractive, and user-friendly website using the free content management system WordPress.
Using the web-building tool, you will learn how to design a website using themes and plugins. You’ll have a digital platform to share information about your company with clients who wish to keep in touch.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, prior knowledge of web design and WordPress
Duration: 2 hours
Certificate: No
Pros: No download needed; learn step-by-step
Cons: Access the course only via desktop
Free Yoast SEO for WordPress Training
The Yoast training materials can be useful even if you use a different SEO plugin. It includes general SEO advice and can get you started on the right track with content optimization.
As you advance through the learning process, 14 quizzes are included in the Yoast SEO plugin training to assess your understanding. Additionally, you’ll get access to downloadable PDFs with the essential course material and additional advice for website optimization.
You will receive a badge and completion certificate once you complete this course.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection
Duration: 2 hours
Certificate: Yes
Pros: Learn how to get a higher ranking on Google
Cons: The course is a little time-consuming
Introduction to X Theme and Cornerstone for WordPress
Discover how to use Cornerstone and X Theme to create stunning WordPress websites. You can generate infinite design iterations from a single theme using the powerful theme framework X Theme.
X Theme can help you create a website for yourself, for your company, or if you want a more adaptable foundation for creating websites for other people.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, WordPress operating on a hosting account
Duration: 2 hours 42 minutes
Certificate: No
Pros: The course is free
Cons: Free WordPress certification is available only for the paid version
Troubleshoot and Repair Your WordPress Website
In this course, WordPress guru Joe Casabona offers his step-by-step guide for fixing issues with your website.
The course begins with giving the students an insight into what they should take care of in advance of a problem and then discusses some tried-and-true troubleshooting techniques.
He also addresses workarounds that go beyond working with your WordPress system and require interacting with your server.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, WordPress operating on a hosting account
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Certificate: Yes
Pros: The course is free
Cons: No scope of doubt-clearing
1 Hour WordPress Website Design
The course offers an in-depth understanding of WordPress website design. For learners at the intermediate and higher levels, it is perfect. Seven brief videos make up the course.
In this course, you will learn how to find and purchase your domain name or website address, set up a website’s basic hosting, set up WordPress on your web hosting account, and install a free WordPress theme after seeing it.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, WordPress operating on a hosting account
Duration: 53 minutes
Certificate: No
Pros: The course allows flexible learning
Cons: No free WordPress certification is available
WordPress Speeding Up Your Site
Lost sales are the result of slow loading times.
Patrick Rauland, the course’s instructor, talks you through the steps you can take to create a standard WordPress site extremely fast.
Patrick first explains the significance of speed before demonstrating how to measure and keep an eye on it. Next, he explains why websites lag and how to distinguish between static and dynamic WordPress sites. Patrick discusses hosting and all the ways a reputable web host can make your website faster.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection
Duration: 1 hour 23 minutes
Certificate: Yes
Pros: Easy access on phone and tablet
Cons: The course is only meant for advanced learners.
WordPress Basics for Beginners
The WordPress CMS platform’s rudimentary fundamentals are fully covered in this course. You’ll discover the fundamentals and how to swiftly transform a straightforward blog into a website with a polished appearance.
The WordPress CMS Basics course is designed for anyone new to the self-hosted WordPress platform. Whether you want to get started on your own or you wish to seek some help, this course will get you started.
Prerequisites: Stable internet connection, pre-installed WordPress
Duration: 1 hour 9 minutes
Certificate: No
Pros: The course enables flexible learning
Cons: No personal interaction with the instructor
WordPress courses can be a valuable investment for anyone interested in building websites or improving their digital marketing skills. It is a popular and user-friendly content management system that powers millions of websites worldwide, making it a valuable skill for anyone seeking a career in web development, design, or digital marketing.
By taking up WordPress courses, individuals can learn how to design, customize, and optimize websites using WordPress’s powerful features and functionalities.
Many courses offer hands-on practical experience, project-based learning, and free WordPress certification, which can enhance one’s credibility in the job market.
In today’s digital world, having strong digital skills is crucial to success, and taking up WordPress courses can help individuals develop these skills and stay competitive.
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