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Parth Bari

Artificial Intelligence and WordPress Development have not disassociated terminologies. Integration of AI into your WordPress website can bring manifold benefits.
Every now and then, you might come across a news article with captivating headlines like, Artificial Intelligence robot paints like a real artist.” Or even some bizarre ones like, Robot-enthusiast thanks AI girlfriend for stopping his divorce.” Such headlines denote the significance and relevance of AI in the present times.
If we go by the numbers, studies show that the global AI market size is expected to grow from $136 billion (2022) to $299.64 billion by 2026. The supposed CAGR is expected to be 38.1%. Moreover, it also denotes that 83% of the companies have prioritized AI in their future business plans.
Since every business is moving online for better scope, scalability, and revenue, we can’t help but factor in the importance of AI in websites. Since WordPress supports more than 455 million websites, we shall focus on the importance of AI on WordPress websites.
Here we will explain why and how you can integrate AI into your WordPress website. Along with that, we shall provide a list of the best AI plugins that can help make your WordPress website future-ready!
Before we get started with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence into your WordPress website, let us create a strong foundation by understanding the meaning of AI.
In plain and simple terms, AI is a computer’s ability to mimic human intelligence and work as per the data fed to it. It is a crucial branch of computer science that helps build intelligent machines that make it easier for humans to finish their tasks.
Since AI is picking up the pace currently, people consider it to be relatively new. But what people do not know is that AI comes with a rich history.
The first Artificial Intelligence program was created by Allen Newell and Herbert A. Simon. In 1955. They created a “Logic Theorist” that ended up solving 38 out of 52 mathematics theorems. Later, in 1956, the word “Artificial Intelligence” was coined by John McCarthy.
While AI was limited to the academic field in its early days, it has expanded its horizons to all kinds of niches in the present times. For example, some of the most well-known examples of AI are Alexa and Siri. Other examples include chatbots, self-driving cars, etc.
While AI is prevalent in all niches, let us focus on WordPress websites. Since adding AI to your websites can be an elaborate method, it is only fair to understand its benefits before taking any step.
Your website might receive 11 visitors or 11000 visitors on a daily basis. Regardless of the number, catering to every visitor for your business reputation is essential. Since resorting to human resources for such tasks can drill a hole into your pocket, you can take the help of AI.
Chatbots can create a personalized experience for your visitors and help you understand their queries. You can even include a customizable greeting for every website visitor to create a lasting impression of your website.
Users can have a free-flowing conversation with your chatbot while you can focus on other business aspects. No wonder 64% of internet users love the 24/7 service of chatbots.
Wouldn’t you want your visitors to connect with your website and its several elements like blogs, videos, and photo galleries? However, websites can get a bit complicated at times. That is where AI comes into the picture.
With AI’s voice search, your users can search for their required blogs, service pages, or photo section on your website. Such easy navigation makes it easier for you to convert visitors into potential customers.
AI can help you create better content for your website to connect with your audience and build trust and loyalty.
Artificial Intelligence can help you follow grammar rules to help write error-free content. Several AI tools can also catch plagiarism so that your content and your WordPress websites shine with their authenticity.
Additionally, AI tools can also find your niche’s essential and trending topics to write about in the future.
In a way, AI cannot replace writers. But it can manage the tedious task of writing while you can focus on your creative side.
With the help of Artificial Intelligence, you can enhance the visibility of your website. Rather than laying dormant on the 2nd or 3rd page of the SERP, your WordPress website can get a better Google Ranking.
AI in SEO can aid in keyword research, analysis of your competitors, intensive research, etc.
Along with that, it can create a list of the relevant topics, provide LSI keywords, help with the meta descriptions, tagging, etc. All of this can help push your website ahead in Google ranking.
If you are using WordPress for your business, you will require some predictive insights and analysis to grow your business. This can be done with AI since it can learn and study the current market trends and provide better business predictions. This shall help you make better decisions for your business in the future.
Furthermore, AI can also interpret the data fed by your users. For example, if you run an eCommerce store on WordPress, you can predict your customers’ favourite products/services based on their past purchases.
To make the best out of AI for your website, it is essential to tap into the plugin market. While WordPress houses more than 55,000 plugins in its repository, we carefully picked out the following 8 best AI plugins to add to your WordPress website:
Your WordPress website must contain a comment section to take feedback from your users. If not, you must have a contact form to help your visitor connect with you.
While these are crucial for customer engagement, these elements are always prone to spam texts. These messages can harm your SEO ranking as crawlers see such texts as red flags.
But you can block such spammers from raiding your website with the help of Akismet.
Apart from identifying the spam messages on your website, this plugin comes with a discard feature to block such messages. It also displays the URLs in the comment section to recognize the links.
Useful and relevant content can help connect with your visitors and build long-term relationships based on trust and brand loyalty.
If your WordPress website requires content in the form of blogs and pictorial representations, WordLift is a must-have AI-powered plugin.
This plugin supports your writing with a proper analysis. It studies your content from an SEO perspective and offers media, factual data, and well-researched statements. This helps enrich your straightforward content and make it more reliable.
Since this plugin supports 32 languages, you need not worry about any language barrier. All of such qualities allow the search engines to index your website and display it on top of the SERP.
You cannot expect to tap the global market without having a quick and efficient way to translate the content of your WordPress website.
Use the Google Language Translator plugin instead of relying on any other translating system that might not provide 100% authentic translation.
This plugin helps automatically translate the contents of the page according to the convenience of your users. Along with the posts and pages, it translates themes, plugins, widgets, menus, tags, categories, etc.
While the plugin is free, its paid features include Search engine-friendly URLs, manual correction of translation, search engine indexing, WooCommerce compatibility, etc.
A live chatbot is necessary for any WordPress website. It allows you to take a step back and relax while the bot handles your visitors and caters to their queries.
If you are looking for an affordable live chatbot for your website, we highly recommend Tidio.
This live chat plugin offers customer support that can lead to more sales and revenue. This chatbot can be integrated into email, Messenger, and Instagram to connect with your visitors on all relevant platforms.
While this chatbot can be used on browsers and desktops, it is also 100% mobile-friendly. You can also switch between the languages for providing a native feel to your users.
If you are unable to take some time out to create relevant content for your WordPress website, we highly recommend MyCurator Content Curation.
This plugin uses a Machine Learning Relevance engine to curate the articles published in your niche. Once it is fed with enough data, this plugin will skim through the content and segregate the good articles from the junk. This process saves a lot of research time that can be used elsewhere, doing something productive.
This curates the content published in any language. You can also curate multiple articles at once with this plugin.
It is essential to scan your WordPress website daily to safeguard it from viruses, spyware, malware, etc. You can uphold the security of your website with Quttera Web Malware Scanner.
This plugin scans your WordPress website for any virtual threat. At the same time, it also checks whether your website is blacklisted by Google or not.
It comes with a one-click scan, AI scan engine, detailed report of the investigation, full-fledged investigation of WordPress files, etc.
It should be noted that this website does not protect your WordPress website. It helps in scanning it so that you can take the necessary actions.
The entire purpose of creating a WordPress website is to build a strong online presence for your business. This can only be brought to fruition once you leverage the power of SEO.
If you want a straightforward method to strengthen the SEO of your WordPress website, we highly recommend the Rank Math SEO plugin.
This is WordPress’s first SEO plugin that uses Artificial Intelligence to bring more relevant traffic to your website.
Its features include suggestions for keywords, questions, links, etc. It also provides full control over the website with Role Manager.
It also supports Schema Markups that help you optimize your posts, including the FAQ schema and How to schema.
Last but not least, Wootomation is an indispensable plugin if you run an eCommerce store on WordPress.
This plugin uses Machine Learning AI to handpick the best recommendations for your customers on the basis of their cart items or past purchases. It analyses the customer’s behavior on your website and uses the data to recommend additional items.
This helps increase customer experience and, gradually, sales and revenue.
As complicated as AI might seem, its integration into your WordPress website consists of a simple process. With the help of the plugins mentioned above, you can upgrade your site and make it more appealing to all of yourself, your customers, and your business’s accounts!
In case you want your WordPress website to have a professional touch, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated WordPress developers are always ready to help you on every level in creating a creative and efficient WordPress website with the best use of AI.
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