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Sarah Gooding
Lemmony is a new WordPress block theme designed by the team at Shufflehound, a theme development company based in Europe with commercial products on Themeforest. This is the team’s first block theme on WordPress.org and it is a strong debut.
Lemmony is a beautifully-designed multipurpose theme that would work well for businesses, agencies, and portfolio websites. It features the Plus Jakarta Sans font face for both headings and paragraph text, a geometric sans serif style, designed by Gumpita Rahayu from Tokotype.
The homepage includes bold, full-width immersive images offset with calls-to-action and blocks featuring a variety of different ways to present information. Scrolling the page reveals tasteful (and optional) animation that brings the content to life.
Lemmony packages more than 30 custom block patterns to help users design and build pages. These include multiple heroes with lists and calls-to-action, heroes with images and titles, partner logos, query with a sidebar, services grid, services with video, team members, and more – nearly every kind of pattern that a business website might require.
Lemmony also packages five full-page patterns for services, gallery, contact, about, and the front page, making it easy to simply drop the pattern in place for the most common pages found on a brochure website.
This theme offers a solid user experience for those who are just getting started building their websites. After installing and activating Lemmony on a fresh site, it will look nearly exactly like the live demo. Everything on the front page is in place with placeholder content, including different menu items, just waiting for the user to add, remove, or edit the blocks. The user doesn’t have to start from scratch do any guesswork about where things go in the design. This is the kind of experience that all block themes should provide.
Lemmony comes with a companion plugin that includes additional customer blocks and other features, such as the custom icons seen in the demo. It will prompt the user after installing the theme to install the plugin as well to get more features. If the user is editing a page and inserts a pattern that includes icons, the theme will allow users to install the plugin directly from the editor. It’s a very smooth experience for including features that require an additional plugin. The plugin is optional and most of the designs seen in the demo work without it installed.
In the future, Lemmony’s creators plan to include more website templates, which would make it easier and faster to set up different kinds of sites. Overall, the theme feels snappy, has an unusually large variety of patterns, and is responsive and looks great on mobile. The installation experience is user-friendly and provides a good starting point for jumping into full-site editing. Check out the live demo and download Lemmony for free from the WordPress Themes Directory.
Demo of the theme is amazing. All the best Lemmony theme developers.
So nice clean theme, must try!
Now, this new theme seems exciting! A must-try for me. Beautiful demo, by the way.
Thank you for the review and your kind words!
We are currently in the process of creating exciting upgrades for the Lemmony theme that we cannot wait to share.
I tried it and found only word to describe it: Fantastic! Thanks very much to the Developers.
Like the theme but can’t bring myself to use anything from a company that seems unwilling to disclose anything about themselves. There’s hardly any info to be found about an ominous “Shufflehound LLC”.
They claim to be from Latvia in their Terms and Conditions, the website is registered through “withheldforprivacy.com” (a subdivision of in iceland based “namecheap.com” or is it!?) to prevent identification of any real company or person associated with the business.
I.e.: Don’t use this for anything with any kind of data you want to keep to yourself or even better: don’t use it at all unless the company is willing to actually present themselves in a professional manner.
(this comment is posted in a way that ensures “anonymity” 😉 )
Hey there! Yes, we are an actual company located in Latvia, Riga with the official company name Shufflehound. We have been creating WordPress themes for more than 8 years and never have changed our brand name or location while doing that. Thank you for your suggestions! Previously we haven’t received any complaints regarding our brand transparency, but we will think about how we can improve that.
Hi Shufflehound –
Really like the theme. The Front Page template I’m working on is not shown in the downdowns to select when adding a new page or to change template in page list under quick edit. In fact, only Page (with title) is in the dropdowns.
What am I missing?
OK, I get that home page is automatically applied as default.
I’m not finding the other page templates to apply, either in Lemmony patterns or in the dropdown selections.
Wow awesome look, is that woocommerce compatible ? want to give try to sell product if yes ?
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