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WST Corp, a Nashville’s Web Design Services Company, Acquires Franklin TN SEO Experts, Conversion First Marketing.
Nashville-based web design services corporation WST, has recently acquired CFM (Conversion First Marketing). The merging of efforts between WST (operator of JLB and Nice Branding) and CFM offers clients comprehensive online strategies, leading with exceptional branding service conceptualization and graphic design all the way through website design and digital marketing services, all in-house.
Conversion First Marketing is an “SEO First” and web design agency that has been in operation since 2014 with nationwide services. A few of their clients include Curry Ingram Academy, NICA: Arkansas League, Brides by Glitz Nashville and Beacon Exit Advisors. Their primary services consist of custom digital marketing services, web design, pay-per-click, conversion rate optimization, and analytics and reporting. Conversion First Marketing is a great strategic extension of JLB.
JLB has provided web design and marketing services to the Nashville area and beyond for over 20 years with long-term clients like the Nashville International Airport, Franklin Theatre, Mercy Community Health, Star Physical Therapy, Fisk University, and over 700 more active brands. Unlike any other web design company, JLB’s brand is dedicated to total service accountability to clients and is responsible for all the marketing, hosting servers, technology, software, and web design services operated and supported in-house, under one centralized team with free support. JLB has been proudly voted the #1 best web design and development several times, 3 times on the Inc. 5000 list, is a Google Partner, and is Veteran owned.
While Conversion First Marketing will continue operating under the same company name, the partnership with JLB will allow for clients to have a seamless experience for establishing their digital marketing needs, brand identity and digital presence. With online visibility being more important than ever, working with digital experts like JLB and CFM ensures a business is poised in the strongest, most effective digital marketing position to be successful in their industry, with centralized support for all their needs.
“JLB is accountable to make sure your brand & website are impressive, everything is working, you are getting results, and it is ALL well supported in one place. Now, with the addition of Conversion First Marketing, we can offer advanced expertises in digital marketing and exclusive reporting while enabling those brands with resources from our centralized team. We are very excited about our future together and have already seen clients from both agencies demanding to take advantage of this amazing value.” – Ken Royer, CEO
Web Services Team Corporation (WST) is an investment and operations company that brings Business-Class custom branding, website, marketing, and online solutions to businesses. WST was founded on the fundamental reality that online marketing solutions and services are terribly segmented and misleading. This leaves businesses vulnerable to unnecessary costs, little to no support, and ultimately lost opportunities. WST solves this problem.
For more information, please contact us at (615) 794-2123 or
(615) 794-2123
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