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Are you a freelance web developer looking for remote jobs? Check out these websites that can help you land your next project.
The recent work from home trend has resulted in an increase in remote jobs. As a result, companies are opting for freelancers to meet their work demands. This preferred option results in the availability of freelance remote roles, from virtual assistant roles to web developer positions.
Now, if you're seeking a freelance web developer role, you would agree that getting a remote job in this competitive niche can be tasking. This article provides you with the best websites to land a freelance web developer role, making the task of landing your dream job easier.
Upwork is a website that serves as an intermediary between clients and freelancers. It connects job seekers from across the globe to their potential remote opportunities. The platform provides web developer jobs and a wide range of other categories.
Clients post a job opening, and freelancers submit proposals to bid. The client interviews the best pick and makes a choice. Alternatively, freelancers can include their predefined service in the project catalog for clients to buy from.
Also, Upwork requires freelancers to begin by creating a profile. This profile includes your personal information, details about your work experience, and expertise. When you bid for a project, the client previews your profile to determine whether you're qualified for their task or not.
Upwork is famous for guaranteeing credible clients and budget-based projects. It also has secured payment options, including PayPal, direct, and wire transfers. Aside from the benefits, the verification and process to become Top Rated pose a challenge to freelancers.
Fiver is a streamlined platform that enables freelancers to provide their services to business owners. Here, the freelancers are the sellers, and the business owners are the buyers. Sellers register on the website for free, list their services, and state their prices.
On the other hand, the buyers must browse the available categories. Fiverr doesn't allow hourly rate charges. Instead, only project-based prices are available. The website automatically charges the buyer's account when they make this purchase.
Unlike lesser-known, low-competitive freelancing websites, Fiverr deducts a 20% commission. Thus, the platform remits the remaining 80% to the seller on completion of the task. Although the site protects its payment, it can take a long process before a seller finally gets paid.
Guru is a global platform that houses hourly and task-based job listings. This listing is in an extensive database to allow agencies and freelancers to land contracts or long-term positions on the site.
To get started, you have to sign up for free and build a freelancer profile. Afterward, clients can contact you by browsing through Guru’s freelancing list. Alternatively, you can contact the client when they post a job on Guru’s job board.
Guru facilitates all negotiations and agreements by providing a dedicated workroom that you can use to collaborate with the client. Everyone with a basic membership can enjoy these benefits. However, freelancers who upgrade to paid membership plans can access more features to make their profile stand out.
Flexjobs is famous for flexible remote opportunities, ranging from freelance to full-time roles. The website is particular about its scam-free policy, so it screens and verifies its clients to drop fake ones.
Unlike other free websites, users must sign up for a paid subscription on Flexjobs. Although the subscription plans vary in price, each one guarantees unlimited access to the job listings. This guarantee makes it easy for low-earners to enjoy available jobs and upgrade to a better subscription plan when they earn more.
Flexjobs offers reliable support to help you overcome the most common challenges new freelancers face. You will have access to career advice and free skills testing, allowing you to enjoy coaching services and a personalized work portfolio. In addition, Flexjobs guarantees a refund in 30 days if you are unsatisfied with the service.
Yeeply is an online tech marketplace providing a premium portal for developers to render services. Yeeply only hires top-notch experts, so you'll have to pass a demanding certification process to access the platform.
The website uses an AI-based algorithm to select the most suitable profiles. Hence, when a client publishes a project, Yeeply will compare the project description against your expertise. If you qualify, it'll make recommendations based on your suitability. This algorithm helps to circumvent tedious selection processes.
As each project progresses, Yeeply tracks every milestone and provides you with the necessary support for seamless execution. Upon project completion, you will get paid through a secure payment process. Fortunately, Yeeply does not charge any commissions or membership fees.
Codeable is home to WordPress experts that helps freelancers to land WordPress developer roles across 60 countries. It employs a six-step hiring process to vet applicants. This process includes a professional review, a technical exam, behavioral interviews, and a live coding test.
Codeable also requires all applicants to pass the Codeable Academy exam to qualify for a 90-day trial period. In addition, you’ll work on real-life projects to demonstrate your expertise and professionalism during this period.
After you get hired, the site has an excellent monitoring system that keeps track of your standards. This system ensures that Codeable retains only the best experts. In addition, the platform has a recommended hourly rate of $80 – $120 and charges a 17.5% service fee.
Like its name, Toptal claims to house the top 3% of developer talents globally. It receives thousands of applications, with freelancers going through a rigorous five-step screening process to make it onto the platform.
The strict selection proves worthy after Toptal makes the top pick. The site guarantees successful candidates roles at top-tier companies such as Airbnb, Shopify, and Duolingo. Its robust job board features big projects only, keeping your hands occupied with a considerable amount of work.
Furthermore, Toptal has a dedicated free invoicing service called Toptracker. This service tracks the time freelancers spend on the site to get their total price. Afterward, freelancers receive payments from the platform through PayPal, local bank transfer, and Payoneer.
LinkedIn is a platform that allows you to connect with a wide variety of professionals from different niches. To harness all LinkedIn has to offer as a freelancer, you must first create a profile on the platform. If your profile is up-to-date, you can leverage the integrated messaging system to connect with people.
LinkedIn also lets you list your skills and upload projects of yours to showcase your talent. Since these skills are searchable, you will be one step closer to landing a freelance job once a potential client hits the search button. Moreover, you can build a network, which can enable you to secure your dream job.
One of the proactive ways to find freelance jobs on LinkedIn is to upgrade to LinkedIn ProFinder. This smart feature helps clients filter through different specialties to find you easily. It operates like a recruiter, giving you an edge over other freelancers by sending project leads via mail for you to bid on.
Flexiple is a network of developers that helps freelancers collaborate with companies to build world-class products. The network handpicks the best talent through a three-hour screening process.
Although thorough and concise, the evaluation process is swift. This swiftness allows successful candidates to start work in the first week with a no-risk trial. In addition, Flexiple’s in-house team of solutions experts analyzes client requests to get the full scope of the project.
After getting an overview of the project, the team recommends a list of top freelancers to the client. The site does not charge any commission and allows you to fix your own hourly rate. However, the rate varies across expertise, experience, and geography.
Just as the name implies, PeoplePerHour helps match clients to freelancers that they can hire by the hour or per project. To be eligible, you must sign up for free and create a profile on the website.
The site has an artificial intelligence system that sorts through freelancers' qualifications, matching you with suitable clients. This system makes the selection process easier and seamless. Afterward, the shortlisted freelancers submit proposals and set their prices for the client to make the final selection.
PeoplePerHour has an intuitive payment method to protect both parties from payment disputes. The site charges a 20% commission on every project. Fortunately, this percentage decreases as you work and earn more.
The best job website will depend on your preferences and peculiarities. For example, a beginner or low-income earner may prefer to pay little or no service charge. This preference makes no-charge websites like LinkedIn better than high-charge ones like Upwork.
You should also consider other factors, such as payment security and ease of selection. Irrespective of your choice, it may take a while to land your dream role. While you wait, you can supplement your portfolio by practicing on professional sample code websites for programmers.
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